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"The speed with which a piece of news is given gives the illusion of living at the center of events, but it only means that we are subjected to even more intense propaganda. When events are instantaneous and exciting, we let ourselves be carried away by their flow. In my opinion, superficiality, not speed, affects the perception of the present. But everything is done to clear every memory."

N.Chomsky, "Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media.",1998

A review by Fortunato Mannino on Sound36 Music Magazine!

A perfect interpretation of the spirit of Eurasia and beyond. Fortunato Mannino’s words for our “ilmondoarovescio” on SOUND36 Music Magazine. Thank you Fortunato! Thank you SOund36 Music Magazine! Grande cura e raffinatezza del dialogo strumentale Quello che presentiamo oggi è…

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