After a thousand adventures…

After a thousand adventures, we finally solved the technical problems that prevented us from updating the site for a long time.
It was very hard, because we are an autarchic group … in the sense that we do everything by ourselves. We made the site only from our hands. Paolo is an expert in computer systems and networking and Diego was an expert developer before his health problems forced him to the disability pension … having said that, it took tears and blood before understanding what the hell made it didn’t work anymore and we had to proceed with the utmost caution in order not to ruin the work of years! Prudence first of all! Having said that, we are so sorry for not having had an updated means of following us in our musical adventures and we ask you wholeheartedly to support us better because we are truly in a negative period. Someone is gone, “someone has sentimental problems, someone has health problems, someone is apparently well but worse than others …”
(does anyone remind you of this phrase? … the older italian ones may should remember … it’s a quote, but it happens at just the right moment).
Thanks for everything from the voster-semper-voster Eurasia!