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Eurasia. A name that immediately evokes geopolitics. Sure. A non-recent idea ... an immense space from Lisbon to Tokyo. It also evokes ideologies, literature, traditions, cultures, an immense cultural heritage that we feel "ours" and that we feel to assert as "our" matrix of epistemological grids, (as the "literated people" once said) and in these times of "networks" that make so 'close but so' distant (and maybe even a little dumbfounded) we prefer to weave "spiderwebs", like small tireless dusty spiders of culture ... we recover our roots of a certain way of making Italian music that in this "serialized age" seems inactual and therefore precious because it costs tears and blood, inspiring us in the textuality of the great Eurasian culture (but also winking at the popular one ... no hybris!).

Marco Cavallo


Paolo Cagnoni


Simone Torriano


Diego Marzi


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"Tolerance appears among all things in the world the most suitable to bring us back to the golden age, to create a concert and harmony of several voices and instruments of different tones and notes, at least as pleasant as the uniformity of a voice alone."

P.Bayle, "Commentaire philosophique sur la tolérance.",ca. 1686
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"The age of technical reproducibility and consumption by the masses is a new transformation of the social premises and ways of perceiving the work of art that depend on two factors, the development of technology and the emergence of mass society. .. All the legends, all the mythologies and all the myths, all the founders of religions, indeed all religions ... wait for their resurrection in the film, and the heroes are crowded at the gates."

W.Benjamin, "Das Kunstwerk im Zeitalter seiner technischen Reproduzierbarkeit",1936

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"The speed with which a piece of news is given gives the illusion of living at the center of events, but it only means that we are subjected to even more intense propaganda. When events are instantaneous and exciting, we let ourselves be carried away by their flow. In my opinion, superficiality, not speed, affects the perception of the present. But everything is done to clear every memory."

N.Chomsky, "Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media.",1998

Demetrio wishes!

Happy birthday Demetrio… wherever you are.

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Eurasia : Fatti i fatti tuoi.

This song taken from the CD “ilmondoarovescio” is a homage (in an ironic sense) to some individuals who make up our contemporary society and their boundless love to despise...

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Thanks to Max Rock Polis and the director of Mat2020 Athos Enrile

It’s published on Mat2020 important italian online magazine, the interview realized to Max Rock Polis with we and with him we had a good conversation on our CD “ilmondoarovescio”...

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